Application Development & Management

Application Development & Management
Enterprises including public and private sector organizations are increasingly reliant on their applications. They are operating in a dynamic business environment, and efficiency in business is paramount for an enterprise to remain competitive and ahead of the curve. Applications well aligned with business strategies drive success and help you respond to changing demands. They must be developed, tested and managed effectively to keep you fit for the future.
SpadeWorx’s User Centered Software Engineering (UCSE™) methodology enables organization meet users’ expectations by identified their needs and systematically linking that with project mission, goals, and objectives. Our UCSE™ approach help define client’s requirements, specifications , design & develop, test and integrate software & internet technologies across multiple platforms, enabling client systems to function in new operating environments.
Our Application Development and Management services are strategic, in that we work closely with customer’s business functions, understand the pain points, identify areas of improvement, and provide holistic solutions and support that translate to tangible business results. A key facet of our offering is a suite of services to help you build and integrate business applications /solution/websites along with support services. We create and deploy robust, scalable and extensible architectures for use in a wide range of industries.
Application Developement
(Aligning People,Process & Technology)
Application design, development, and implementation
Application and Systems integration
Re-engineering, performance tuning and porting services
Feasibility and requirement analysis for business case
Application testing
SpadeWorx provides high-quality application support services to help customers achieve operational excellence. Our methodology and processes have been refined and perfected over the course of multiple support engagements with global clients. We manage releases and provide SLA-based maintenance, production support and enhancement services using our global delivery model SpadeWorx can streamline your SharePoint application management processes for maximum efficiency Aligned with the ITSM processes, SpadeWorx is offering below bouquets of services:
Service Desk : (Configuration, Troubleshooting and Content Management)
Defect Fixes : (Defect Analysis and Fixes in SharePoint Applications)
SharePoint Infrastructure Support : (Performance Monitoring, Security Management, Patch Management, Web Analytics & Reporting, Backup Management and Application Deployment)
Enhancements : (Feature enhancements and improvements in SharePoint Applications)
SpadeWorx’s Microsoft Certified Technology Specialists (MCTS) all have certifications in SharePoint technologies enables SpadeWorx to professionally support SharePoint Foundation 2010 and SharePoint Server 2010, providing assistance with migration from your current SharePoint environment and ongoing support.
Our SharePoint Support offerings and approach are designed to bring us seamlessly into your organization in the following ways: – As an extension of your already existing SharePoint teams – As a SharePoint infrastructure and administration partner – As a SharePoint application design and development partner
Customers can also opt for customize support packages based on the business needs, which include following services:
TYPE A (Service desk)
– Configuration Assistance Trouble Shooting – Content Management Functional Support – Helpdesk
TYPE B (Defect Mgmt)
– Defect Analysis and fixes Preventive maintenance
TYPE C (Infra support)
– Performance monitoring and tuning Security and Access control Application Deployment Upgrades and Patch Management Web Analytics and reporting Backup Management
TYPE D (Enhancements)
– Functional Enhancements
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