Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence- BOT
Artificial Intelligence- BOT
Conversation has always been the most preferred form of communication. Given a chance that all communications could be converted in conversation, people would love the option and jump at it.
There have been advancement in technologies and experts are working behind curtains to come up with such a platform or a Framework wherein business communication could be simplified as conversation. Bots(or conversation agents), as they are called are personal digital assistant with intelligent insights about the conversation.
Bots are rapidly becoming an integral part of one’s digital experience – they are as vital a way for users to interact with a service or application as is a web site or a mobile experience.
SpadeWorx is Working very closely on Microsoft Cognitive Services to develop such Bots which would apply to different spheres of work environment and would simplify the lives of the people ,while improving their performance and Efficiency. One important aspect of Bots is to make user enjoy their conversation in their own language, text, SMS and connect to Popular services likes Skype, Facebook as well as Emails.
One Such Example is an Leave Manager Bot, developed by SpadeWorx which would help employees and Managers to redefine the way leave request, approval and management is carried out. Employees can apply a leave using bot, check holidays available, , approval notification or any questions.. For Managers or approvers ,it can present previous leave approved timelines, pending requests, colleagues in dept. on leave , calendars etc. This makes an easy experience as a conversation to all compared to old age ways of posting, approvals-requested or granted.
These Bots have advance intelligence ,mapped to the workflow and user environment, Suggesting option, helping them to filter and choose the best possible selection. These Bots can process information,analyse,seek input when desired and present a workable scenario ,dependent upon user acceptance.
Bots are not getting limited to text or sms mode of conversation but rapid strides are being made in Cognitive Services framework to include voice as well as image based conversation.
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