Azure Website Offerings

Azure Website Offerings
Azure Websites: Enterprise ready
SpadeWorx offers Enterprise ready solutions based on Microsoft Azure
Azure Websites: Create a Global Web Presence
Start developing the apps based on enterprise cloud service with .NET, Java, PHP, Node.js and deploy to a platform which gets scaled automatically. Spend more time to build world class apps my turning over platform chores like availability, maintenance and patching.
  • Enterprise cloud –It is designed for secure mission-critical applications.
  • Global scale – It is optimized for availability and automatic scale.
  • DevOps ready – It is built for agility through continuous deployment.
  • Deploy Corporate Websites
    Deploy your website to 13 datacenters across world for superior speed and response times. Use Autoscale to automatically align your costs with your traffic.
    Enterprise Web Apps Development
    These apps can cater to employees and partners with Active Directory and private network connections. Use the tools you know – Visual Studio, TFS, and Git. Our PaaS platform makes dev work easy.
    Leverage Digital Marketing Ready Plugins
    Embed OAUTH right in your code and integrate Facebook and Twitter easily. Advanced diagnostic and monitoring tools help you course correct if you need to, and Traffic Manager distributes your code to datacenters around the world, wherever your customers are.
    Territories Served
    SpadeWorx Prime market areas related to Azure Website offerings are USA, UK,India and Middle East.