Cloud Enablement

Cloud Enablement
Cloud Computing came out of experimentation to mainstream adoption! One of the top items in CIOs agenda is Cloud adoption in Enterprises. Microsoft Azure, the Public Cloud offering from Microsoft, provides Services – Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) – enabling the Enterprises to leverage the benefits, as per their needs.
Microsoft Azure COE
SpadeWorx launched Microsoft Azure Center Of Excellence (WACOE), to provide innovative solutions on Azure platform to its Customers. The CoE has specific charter as defined below:
Key Challenges faced by Enterprises
Though Enterprises are keen to adopt Cloud Computing, they are being faced multiple challenges from the technology selection to solution rollout. As per SpadeWorx, below are the key challenges for successful Cloud adoption: 1. Defining the Cloud Strategy for the Enterprise, aligning with the Enterprise Goals & Vision 2. Identification of right choice of Cloud offering, based on the business needs, IT goals and cost benefits 3. Availability of skilled resources to implement the Cloud Strategy 4. Managing the Cloud Solutions being deployed in the Enterprise
Service Offerings
To address the challenges faced by Enterprises and also to enable them to leverage the full benefits of Microsoft Azure platform; SpadeWorx assists its Customers hand-in-hand through a bouquet of services
With many Cloud Service providers and offerings, Customers are looking for the right Cloud strategy aligning with their Business Goals. Though Consulting Services, SpadeWorx assists Customers in identifying and defining the Cloud Strategy and the roadmap. SpadeWorx provides below activities as part of Consulting: a. Analysis & Assessment of existing Enterprise Applications within the Enterprise b. Architectural Assessment and Guidance, aligning with Microsoft Azure c. Development of Proof Of Concepts
Migrating existing Enterprise Solutions onto Microsoft Azure enables Enterprises in benefitting from the Cost, support and scalability benefits. Through “Migration Services”, SpadeWorx assists Customers in:a. Development of Migration Roadmap, Methodology & Approach b. Migration of existing on-premise Applications onto Azure, through IaaS or PaaS models c. Migration of existing on-premise database onto SQL Azure
Solution Development
To fully leverage the capabilities of Microsoft Azure platform in new solutions, specific factors to be considered, to achieve the scalability, reliability and performance expectations. As part of “Solution Development Services”, SpadeWorx develops new Enterprise-class Solutions for Customers.
As part of this “Sustenance Services”, SpadeWorx supports the Microsoft Azure-based solutions providing:a. L2 & L3 support b. Application Monitoring and Management
Benefits to Customers
SpadeWorx delivered innovative, scalable and distributed Microsoft Azure solutions to Customers. These solutions enabled the Customers to realize the business goals. Some of the key benefits the Enterprises can benefit are:a. Business can make right decisions in choosing the solution strategy and technology, maximizing the returns yet minimizing the risks b. Availability of skilled & Certified resource pool on Microsoft Azure, providing superior solutions c. Azurite, an application framework from SpadeWorx expedites the development & deployment of Azure based solution faster thus optimizing the overall solution costs d. SpadeWorx access to Microsoft resources for quick resolution on Technological challenges, reducing the TAT for Customers
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