Digital Enterprise

Digital Enterprise
Digital Enterprise
Digital Enterprises are organisations which take a conscious initiative to integrate new technology and methodologies to transform their business processes, organisational structures and working models. According to Harvard Business Review, “For businesses to be competitive during this time of transformation, they must increase the speed with which they innovate around new digital initiatives.”
Digital Enterprises are changing the way people connect, work, do business and delight customers.
The mindset of a digital enterprise is to go beyond their capabilities and create an extraordinary business environment for both employees and end customers.
There are certain key attributes which a Digital Enterprise has:
1. Informed and Prepared:
Digital Enterprises are always informed and prepared, the reason being backed by data driven work culture and awareness. All decisions taken in the business sphere are backed by strong data metrics which enable them to deliver insights with much more clarity than ever. Today’s businesses need to be rapid in making informed decisions and should focus on continuous improvement and delivery.
2. Always Connected:
The economics of digital storage and cloud computing are combining to put infrastructure costs into freefall, making machine learning more affordable for all businesses. Online storage and public cloud instances can be purchased literally in minutes online with a credit card. Migrating legacy data off of databases where their accessibility is limited compared to cloud platforms is becoming more commonplace as greatest trust in secure cloud storage increases. For many small businesses who lack IT departments, the Cloud provides a scalable, secure platform for managing their data across diverse geographic locations.
3. Employee Centric:
Digital Enterprises are Employee Centric and create a “Happiculture” in the organisation which jettison the employees on higher efficiency curve with infusion of Digital learning and Skill Enhancement, bridging the gap between expectation and delivery.
4. Customer Centric:
No Business can survive unless it takes care of its customers and giving them what they need as per their expectation. With advancement of technology and rapid changes in applications, customers expectations have also skyrocketed and digital enterprises keep at it by adopting new ways to reach customers and meet their demands by technology transformation be it in terms of mobility, personalised information and offers, privileged loyalty applications and feedback mechanism.
SpadeWorx has been helping companies transform the way they do business by providing digital accelerators to meet the demands of internal as well as external customers.
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