Open House December 2016

Open House December 2016
Open House December 2016
Winter has set in but its effect has been offsetted by warmth exuded by people in Open House.This was bolstered more when our newly inducted colleagues introduced themselves amidst laughter and anecdotes.
Our Director and CTO, Mandar Bhagwat briefed employees about current business development activities.He also urged people to take help with resources available in the company, be it -Online or Printed to increase their knowledge and intellect in new areas, technologies.
Design and Mobile teams were mentioned for their notable work which has been appreciated often by customers.
Mandar broke the news about his impeding address at ICDL 2016 -Smart Future Event.
ICDL 2016 is an event being organised by TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute, between 13th-16th December at IHC ,Delhi, India on “knowledge Trends that will change the World”. Mandar will be delivering his address on “Knowledge Management for Millenials” at this ocassion which will be streamed live in several countries.
Jitendra Wase, Director and COO addressed employees and guided on policies and offered to help incase of any suggestion being presented.
This time a new initiative called “INSIDE OUT” was rolled out in “Open House” . A “Skit” was presented lead by Maya,Ashwini,Sanchari and team wherein they enacted on a situation of “Event Planning”. Audience comments/observation were taken from their perspective of relating it to real life/work environment. This was fun and gave insights about how people think,perceive and relate to situations around.
A round of applause for the team for coming out with something creative and fresh. We will see more of it in coming months.
Aarti Pitekar was chosen as Star of the month award for her work in the project, clarity of thought and mature handiling of customer-Quite commendable being a rank newcomer.
We are already in last month of the year but looking at the progress we are making holistically, it augurs well for the future.Way to go guys !!
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