Sharepoint Migration

SharePoint Migration

SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint Online are the two newest upgrades of SharePoint launched by Microsoft in a bid to improve efficiency and functionality for its users. The new versions of this multifaceted document management system have a multitude of new and more beneficial features that sets it apart from its predecessors.

Following are a few of the features that have been revamped or upgraded to enhance user experience.

OneDrive Redirection:

Though this has been available in SharePoint 2013, with SharePoint 2016 you can redirect your ‘My Sites’ to your Office 365 subscription’s OneDrive for Business host. In other words, if a user clicks on OneDrive, he’ll be redirected to his Office 365 My Site and no longer to his On-Premises.

Sites you follow in one place:

Now users can click on “Follow” both On-Premises and on their Office 365 and see them all in one place under the “Sites” app in the App Launcher.

The wizard to configure either of the simple scenarios above work very well, as long as you follow the requirements.

Hybrid Cloud Search:

The Office 365 Search will take your On-Premises SharePoint Search Index so that it can give you results from both for the same query. A unified search will be possible.

You will be required to use the Office 365 Search for this to work. If SharePoint 2016 On-Premises users query against their On-Premises Search service, it’ll continue to only give them local results.

However, once available, this will allow users to fully embrace Experiences like Delve in Office 365 and more to come in the future.

App Launcher and UI changes in SharePoint 2016:

SharePoint 2016 introduces the App Launcher, as well as changes to the UI, to help it match the Office 365 experience.


It is now possible to install whichever role that you please on particular SharePoint 2016 servers. Not only will this install what’s primarily required there, but also make sure that all servers that belong to each role are compliant. You’ll also be able to convert servers to run new roles if needed.

Zero Downtime Patching:

The size and number of the packages have been immensely reduced. The downtime required by SharePoint servers to update has also been removed.

Increased File Size for uploads:

The previous storage limit for SharePoint was 2GB. However, now you can store files that are far larger in size. Although there isn’t any limit, Microsoft has strongly recommended it stays at 10GB.

Quick Site Creation:

By using a template, you will be now able to create Site Collections in 1 second. This compares well to SharePoint 2013 that takes up almost over 40 seconds sometimes. This will require a level of configuration with PowerShell to set up.

Spadeworx encourages and helps migration of SharePoint to its latest version i.e. SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint Online without disruption of data and day-to-day operations. Spadeworx offers a well defined migration plan for users who wish to upgrade to updated versions of this versatile application. It is an entry into a whole new world of wiki-based pages, easier announcements, tagging, and an entirely new multimedia asset library! These are sufficient enough reasons to move to a friendlier and fresher version.

SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint Online differ from its previous versions in various aspects, few of which are mentioned above making your experience on SharePoint far more productive and useful. These are just a few of the features picked out from a long list of them. Enhance the potential of your company by using an upgraded and better version of SharePoint i.e. SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint Online. A thorough and defined migration plan is created that involves following steps.

Before Migration:
· Collect Migration Planning Information
· Design MOSS Taxonomy
· Design Moss Architecture
· Migration Strategy Planning

During Migration:
· Pre-Upgrade Steps
· Physical Migration

After Migration:
. Regression Testing
. User Acceptance Testing
. Production Movement

With zero loss of data and maintenance of integrity of information, SpadeWorx assures the cleanest and most seamless migration it can offer!

The future is NOW with Spadeworx.
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