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SharePoint 2016: Providing an Exceptional Office 365 Experience

SharePoint 2016 has outdone itself with a set of new, effective features that have been introduced. From enriching hybrid search experiences to One Drive redirection, SharePoint has aced the game of document management systems. An amalgamation of all the new hybrid features in one sentence could be – a brilliant and seamless user experience in terms of two environments: On-Premises and Office 365. From a Hybrid experience point of view, following are a few noticeable and improved features that we think are perfect for end users. Hybrid Search Feature: An enterprise has a hybrid environment if their content applications are common between on-premises and Office 365. It is now easier to find content, no matter where it lives thanks to a unified search. The cloud hybrid search solution provides the ability to crawl and parse on-premises content and then process and index it in Office 365. When users query the search index in Office 365, they receive search results from both on-premises and Office 365 content. Hybrid App Launcher: The extensible hybrid app launcher is designed to help you get to your Office 365 apps and services from SharePoint Server. Your Office 365 Delve and Video Apps and you customized Office 365 tiles will pop up in your SharePoint Server app launcher once you have enabled this feature. Changes in UI have also been introduced to enhance the hybrid experience. User Profiles: User profile information will be stored within both, the SharePoint server and Office 365. When a user wants to edit or view his information, that user will be redirected to his profile in Office 365. This will enable users to have to his information in one place. These users will be called Hybrid users and their profiles as Hybrid profiles. Links to OneDrive: You can now redirect documents to OneDrive for Business. Users can continue using their Documents and other similar folder and it doesn’t require changing their daily work habits in order to use OneDrive for Business. Using OneDrive for Business for your documents gives you a backup of your data in the cloud and gives you access to your documents from any device and also when a user clicks on OneDrive, he’ll be redirected to his Office 365 My Site and no longer to his On-Premises. Easy To Consume: It is now easy to consume data because of SharePoint 2016’s well integrated feature. SP’s easy-t-format attribute helps effortless consumption of data for application developers utilizing this system. The hybrid offering by SharePoint has made every user’s experience better and has positively enhanced their skills. Help us help you upgrade to the latest version of SharePoint 2016 and make use of its improved hybrid features today! The future is NOW with SpadeWorx. Get in touch to know more!
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