Top 5 Reasons you should attend the webinar on : Reimagine Productivity and Efficiency using JumpStart SPA.

Top 5 Reasons you should attend the webinar on: Reimagine Productivity and Efficiency using JumpStart SPA

Backbone of manufacturing industries depends entirely upon Production planned, Shop floor worker’s Productivity and efficiency which in turn reflects batch of products it can push out to meet the supply demand of the market. Almost all the manufacturing industries are having centralized system like SAP, ERP to manage their finance, purchase, sales, and administrative details. Appraisal and evaluation process of staff members which are categorized as White Collar Employees are managed using these tools.

Production and dispatch is totally dependent upon productivity and efficiency of factory workforce which are normally called Blue Collar workers. Currently in most of the organization Skill and Performance of Blue Collar Workers are done through offline medium with little or no transparency in the process and is dependent upon people opinion. This may lead to some gaps in assessment which has incremental effects.

Reason 1. Learning new skills is what makes us human but can we improve how we go about learning new things in new situations?

Reason 2. Learning how to learn can help you to understand what works for you and what doesn’t when you set out to learn new skill say for example for work, training or everyday life.

Reason 3. Understand the root cause of the reduced employee productivity and efficiency in a production environment.

Reason 4. Key skill assessment: Improving your own learning and performance, you will learn to recognise, use and adapt your skills confidently and effectively in different situations and contexts

Reason 5. How you can maintain employee data including evaluation and training reports yearly.

This Product is designed to cover opportunities of improvement in production department of any manufacturing Industry by making centralized database of factory workforce, measuring capabilities and filling skill gaps by online and offline trainings to the factory workforce.
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