How Can Enhanced User Experience Increase the Adoption of Dynamics 365?

The key to the success of an IT system isn’t just its implementation, but how well your users embrace it. This rule applies to Microsoft Dynamics 365 projects as well. As per research reports from Gartner and Forrester, some of the key reasons for CRM project failure are the participation of users during the implementation and lack of proper user experience.

User Experience can make or break the adoption of the IT systems.

Over the years, Dynamics 365 transformed its user experience. With enhancements and new features being rolled out regularly, it has increased its usability. 

User Experience in Microsoft Dynamics 365

User Experience consists of not just the User Interface, but many other elements like:

  1. UI elements that enhance the ease of use
  2. Workflows that reduces the manual interventions
  3. Navigation that eliminates many clicks
  4. Notifications/reminders indicating an action
  5. User-friendly messages

With Unified Interface, Dynamics 365 revamped the user experience to the next level. It provided the flexibility to the implementation team to build better user experiences. 

Below are some of the UX features offered by Dynamics 365 to help you increase the user adoption of Dynamics 365. 

Visualization: Users can now better visualize the vast amount of data using dashboards, charts, etc. Also, the Power Platform provides another opportunity to build Power BI visualizations in a much easier manner, enhancing the overall user experience. 

Custom Buttons: Create a custom button to make it easier for users to access workflow and dialogs without needing to scan through the main menu.

Filterable Columns: When users need to search for specific records, they should not find it difficult. Filterable Columns feature makes it easier for them to filter the records based on their requirements.

Limited Data View: This feature lets users see what they need to. You can create multiple forms, as per their security roles, and provide them with the information they need, thus allowing relevant data visible.

Fill the data in a single screen: Searching for information among several records and entities could be a daunting task for users. Use notes, sub-grids, social panes to fill the form.

Process Reset: Too many processes on an entity may delay the loading of records. Re-check and reset the processes as per their real-time need. And implement those processes again as asynchronous processes.

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Effective use of the capabilities of Dynamics 365 enhances the user experience and increases adoption. The right choice of features and customizations during the implementation will enable the users to increase their productivity while using Dynamics 365.



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